We offer the best in Prairie hospitality to you and your guests.   The food we cook is the product of 18 years of trials, testing, and refinement.   How do we know it’s good?  Don’t take our word for it, just ask the judges that have awarded us hundreds of trophies.  Ask Food Network, who invited us to compete against other top pitmasters on network TV.  And ask the organizers of Memphis in May, who invited us to serve traditional Canadian barbecue dishes to their sponsors, VIPs, and the Governor of Tennessee.  It’s food good enough to justify 22 Grand Championships, and 2 World Championship titles.  We bring the same passion to every guest we serve at catering jobs and our mobile operations.

With all of these accolades, you might think our focus is on our food.  It’s not. Our focus is on our customer – including the guests at your event.    The Guest experience is what drives us to excellence, every time we cook.  Let us show you – all it takes is an invitation to your next party, tournament, or meeting.