We take a great deal of pride in our food and our customers will tell you it shows in the end result. We are flexible, accommodating, and will work with you to make your event a success. Please have a look though our website and contact us when you’re ready for more information or to book a date!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you cook at our site?
    We are fortunate enough to have a custom-built, 22′ BBQ kitchen on wheels. The entire kitchen can be run on a generator, meaning we can set up virtually anywhere. For most groups, usually 100 people or more, we will cook on site and cater your group in person. For smaller events, we may not be able to justify the time and effort involved, and we will consider dropping the hot food off at your event. We do this in order to keep the prices lower for smaller functions. Your food is always prepared fresh, the same day as your event.
  • How is your food served?
    We will set up a buffet at your event and allow people to serve themselves. In some cases we may help serve, such as carving prime rib for your guests. After everyone has come through the line, we leave the food out for 15 minutes in case anyone wants to come back for seconds.
  • How much food do you prepare?
    We prepare enough food for the number of people you asked us to cook for. There are leftovers, virtually every time – which tend to get eaten as people come back for second helpings. If we end up serving more people that our client expected, there will be an extra charge of 25% for those guests.
  • Do you offer anything for vegetarians?
    Of course! One our best staff members hasn’t eaten meat or dairy in over 20 years! We have a few tricks up our sleeves, just let us know. We would be happy to accomodate any special requests.


  • What do you bring?
    Our prices always include plates (large Chinet), premium disposable cutlery, napkins, condiments (salt, pepper, BBQ sauce, and any other condiments that traditionally go with your menu items such as horseradish or real bacon bits). If your event is outside, we can arrange for a 10×10′ tent to cover the food table. We clean up after ourselves and your guests, and make sure the area is at least as clean as it was when we found it. We don’t typically provide tables for serving the buffet, but those can be arranged if you don’t have them available
  • Can we cancel or change our date?
    The deposits are considered non-refundable. If you need to change the event date, our acceptance is dependent on availability. We may be able to apply the deposit to a future event if notification is given more than 45 days away from the event date. Once we purchase food for the event, you are liable for the full final price.
  • How many people can you serve?
    We typically start at 50 people. Our maximum is virtually unlimited 🙂 We have the largest fleet of mobile commerial smokers in Western Canada and can comfortably cook for thousands of people, with food fresh off our pits at your site. We are experienced large-event caterers and would love to help you.