Saskstrami 200g

Saskstrami 200g


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Our “Saskstrami” quest started 5 years ago with a trip to NYC.  We sampled several world famous delis and some lesser known gems that are popular with our BBQ friends.  Our practice cooks allowed us to create something different, and in our opinion – better.  Our Saskstrami draws inspiration from Texas, New York, and Saskatchewan.  You’ll taste more garlic and perhaps a bit more sweetness.  Best of all, there’s no steaming.  These briskets are smoked with oak logs, and wrapped with butcher paper when the bark is right.  They’re cooked to full tenderness before being sliced.  We think the flavour is outstanding.
Reheat instructions:   Submerge vacuum pouch in hot water and let it roll with a light simmer for 5 minutes.  Open pouch immediately before serving.
We love it:
  • On a Reuben sandwich
  • Chopped in an omelet
  • Under eggs Benedict
  • Chopped on nachos
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Pack size 200g