To summarize, Prairie Smoke & Spice is:

  • The premier BBQ caterer in Saskatchewan, with a pile of awards and a fleet of smokers, ready to serve groups of 50 to 5000
  • Canada’s winningest BBQ competition team, with 21 Grand Championships to date. This includes the Canadian Nationals and 2 World Champion awards.
  • Leader of Canada’s largest BBQ School, with ~20 classes being offered each year and over 3000 students trained to date.
  • Creators of Tumbleweed All Purpose Rub, the #1 All-purpose rub as awarded by the National BBQ Association 3 years running
  • Ribfest “Ribbers” extraordinaire – with 17 shows planned across Western Canada this year, we strive to continue winning People’s Choice and Best Rib / Sauce awards.
  • Operators of the only Championship BBQ food truck in Saskatchewan, serving our award winning food between May and October.
  • Honoured to be invited as the Guest International BBQ Chef at the Memphis in May festival, representing Canada in 2016
  • Very fortunate to have a career doing what we love, and spreading the BBQ gospel to as many people as possible!


  • A hobby that started in 2000 soon found Rob smoking food at every opportunity, practicing recipes and feeding friends and family.  A hobby soon turned into an insatiable passion for improvement.  It wasn’t long before Rob & Jacy realized that with bigger groups came an opportunity to earn some extra income.
  • By 2006 they had their baby – a huge, trailer mounted offset smoker built by a retired welder in Beausejour, Manitoba.  It wasn’t long before that smoker was feeding 120 people at a time.
  • Prairie Smoke & Spice was born in 2008 with the purchase of a 22′ catering trailer, the formation of a legal company, and a foray into the world of Competition Barbecue.  That summer, Regina had its first fully sanctioned BBQ competition and Prairie Smoke got their first taste of the winners’ circle – with 3 ribbons and a 3rd overall finish.
  • It was enough to fan that small flame into a blaze – the next winter was spent running countless trials and flavor combinations in order to impress the judges.  In 2009, Rob and Jacy managed to win 3 Grand Championships and 1 Reserve Grand Championships – out of a total of 4 events cooked in Canada.
  • Over the next couple years, the duo kept catering and entering competitions, and in 2011 an opportunity was presented that sealed their future – an invitation to participate in Western Canada’s first Ribfest, the 17-day long P.N.E. in Vancouver.   Reserves were tapped, equipment was bought, and a 3 week holiday was booked.
  • It was exhausting, gruelling, tiring, and above all – an amazing time.  By April 2012 Rob was ready to make the jump from a 12-year management job to the BBQ business on a full time basis.